Company Introduction

SageRAN Network Technology of Guangzhou Co., LTD. (SageRAN) is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the development of wireless broadband access solutions and platforms.

SageRAN`s 5G NR protocol stack, BBU and 5G NR RRU reference design solutions are released based on the station of 4G LTE protocol stack. It's not only provides customers with open protocol stack source code level authorization, but also provides 4G/5G small base station and LTE special Network equipment, LTE emergency communications and other products, and can deeply customize the software and hardware of the system according to customers' requirements.

SageRAN as a full-standard 5G O-RAN industry leading technology provider with independent intellectual property rights and end-to-end capability. In addition to deep cooperation with the three major domestic operators and leading telecommunications enterprises, SageRAN is also involved in the test and construction of Hong Kong Telecom 5G experimental network. In the future, SageRAN will participate in the test and construction of overseas experimental network together with partners.

Why SageRAN
SageRAN is your trustworthy partner. We work with leading chip vendors, third PHY solution vendors and third-party hardware ODM manufacturers in the market. We provide customers with a fast to market solution using a sophisticated integration and validation process.
SageRAN have a strong team of technical experts with rich professional knowledge in product development and service support.
SageRAN offer an easily customizable communication protocol stack source code solutions that includes PHY adaptation layer, wireless Resource Management (RRM), self-organizing network (SON), OAM, and layers 2 & layers 3 that meet 3GPP requirements.
SageRAN have extensive experience in RF and hardware reference design, we also can provide partners with relevant network components to build an integrated end-to-end environment.
Contact Us

address:21/F, Haijing Group Headquarters Building, No. 9-11 Keyun Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangdong