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SageRAN Technology and Intel Release White Paper on Private 5G
On March 4, 2022, SageRAN Technology and Intel jointly released the white paper on " SageRAN’s Protocol Stack Speeds Private 5G to Deploy (2022)" (hereinafter referred to as the White Paper). The white paper provides a forward-looking analysis of the 5G Open RAN and 5G private network, which are of great interest to the industry, and introduces the achievements of SageRAN Technology in the field of 5G Open RAN technology and the private 5G use cases that SageRAN Technology is currently involved in.
2022-03-07 14:17:27
​SageRAN Completed mmWave SA UE Network Access Test Based On Intel FlexRAN as Layer 1
SageRAN recently completed the SA commercial terminal access on 26GHz(N258) frequency band based on the self-developed 5G protocol stack software and Intel FlexRAN physical layer platform. The test adopts SA networking mode, using 26GHz (N258) millimeter wave frequency band, based on the single carrier system bandwidth of 200MHz, and the downlink rate reaches 1.2Gbps, RTT low as 2ms.
2021-12-03 13:54:04
SageRAN Completes Fine-Tuning and Implementation of Qualcomm FSM100 5G RAN Platform
SageRAN Network Technology recently completed an Option7.2-based fine-tuning and implementation of the Qualcomm® FSM100 5G RAN Platform. This fine-tuning and implementation based on the standard ORAN interfaces has enabled a commercial 5G device to access the network, with a peak downlink speed of 784 Mbps and a peak uplink speed of nearly 85 Mbps on the band N78 with 100 MHz bandwidth in a real-world test.
2021-11-02 20:56:49
Sageran Received series A funding from Qualcomm Ventures
Sageran Technology recently received Series A strategic funding from Qualcomm Ventures. The founding will be mainly used to increase R&D investment, technology iteration and talent introduction, further expand the technological advantages of Sageran in the 5G communication protocol stack software, and consolidate its leading position in 5G small cell software and hardware integrated solutions.
2021-08-22 20:58:40
Sageran successfully demonstrated the first ARM-based 5G small cell solution at PTEXPO 2020
Sageran successfully demonstrated the first ARM-based 5G small cell solution at PTEXPO 2020, and DL throughput reached to 1.4Gbps.
2020-10-21 17:28:09
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