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Sageran Received series A funding from Qualcomm Ventures

Sageran Technology recently received Series A strategic funding from Qualcomm Ventures. The founding will be mainly used to increase R&D investment, technology iteration and talent introduction, further expand the technological advantages of Sageran in the 5G communication protocol stack software, and consolidate its leading position in 5G small cell software and hardware integrated solutions.


About Sageran

Founded in 2015, Sageran Technology is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development of wireless broadband access solutions and platforms. After years of thorough polishing by the team, it has broken the monopoly of foreign competitors in the field of 5G communication protocol stacks. Currently, it can provide customers with excellent performance and feature-rich 5G protocol stack source code solutions, which include PHY adaptation layer and wireless resources Management (RRM), self-organizing network (SON), OAM, and meet the L2 and L3 requirements of 3GPP, and are easy to customize.

In 2019, Sageran Technology launched the 5G communication protocol stack and overall solution at the Shanghai Communications Exhibition, which has been widely recognized by industry customers. Relying on a flexible and scalable high-performance open RAN protocol stack solution, Sageran Technology has formed in-depth cooperative relationships with many well-known companies, universities and research institutes, and has become one of the few in the world that can provide commercial-grade 5G communication protocol stacks. Three-party suppliers, the vast majority of vendors purchasing 5G protocol stacks nationwide in 2020 have chosen the Sageran Technology protocol stack.

Sageran Technology is also one of the few manufacturers that can provide integrated software and hardware solutions for small base stations, and can provide in-depth ODM/OEM customized services according to customer needs. Its solutions and products can not only be oriented to the public network market of operators, but also can be customized to meet The special needs of customers in large industries such as airports, high-speed railways, coal mines, power plants, and ports. In addition to in-depth cooperation with the three major domestic operators and leading communications companies, Sageran Technology has also devoted itself to the testing and construction of telecom 5G experimental networks in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and Europe. In the future, it will participate more actively in the process of overseas 5G network construction.


About Qualcomm Ventures

Qualcomm Ventures is the venture capital arm of Qualcomm Incorporated and is based in San Diego, California with several satellite offices located throughout world. The group is focused on early to late stage investments in mobile/wireless sector with strong interests in IoT, Connected Automotive, AI, Mobile and Digital Health.