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SageRAN Made A New Breakthroughs in mmWave Carrier Aggregation

Time:2023.05.24 Author:SageRAN

Recently, SageRAN as the earliest company to layout millimeter wave technology solutions and products, has made new breakthroughs in millimeter wave technology by achieving carrier aggregation function based on the Intel FlexRAN platform for SageRAN millimeter wave protocol stack, after launching millimeter wave products based on different networking scenarios such as NSA, SA, and NR-DC. Currently, the measured downlink speed of 2200MHz carrier aggregation has reached 3Gbps, and Worldtorch Network will further launch 4200MHz and 2*400MHz carrier aggregation in the future.


Figure 1:SageRAN mmWave Distributed Small Cell


Figure 2: mmWave Measured UE Throughput

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