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Solution Description

RAU(Remote Amplified Unit) is SageRAN’s Innovative solution, through customized frequency shift, move high-frequency 5G signals to the low-frequency range for RF transmission so that carrier could save power consumption and cable loss. At the same time, the signal is transmitted on a single cable to achieve dual-stream performance and greatly improve the end user service experience.

Solution Advantages

Good Cost Performance

Good Cost Performance

Low integration cost, convenient construction and low comprehensive cost.
Energy  Conservation

Energy Conservation

60% less power than RRU+ traditional DAS and 70% less power than digital DAS
Easy O&M

Easy O&M

RAU and DAS within unified O&M to support easy maintenance and management
5G Dual-Stream  Coverage

5G Dual-Stream Coverage

RAU internal frequency conversion module, dual-channel power self-balancing, to ensure the double-flow rate effect.

Use Cases


Poor Converge

Feed cable cannot meet the coverage of 5G signal scene

Transform and improve the field strength of far-point weakness to ensure the coverage of signal


Big Traffic

High daily average flow, high value not fully exploited

Increase the rate to more than 180% of the original rate to create greater flow revenue value


Many Physical Partitions

Small room area, many partitions, high cost of building digital room

RAU+remote machine coverage is suitable for small scenes


Subscriber Poor Experience

Poor service experience, single cable DAS speed only 200~400Mbps

5G RAU speed measurement >360~800Mbps


Office Building
Office Building
Industrial Park
Industrial Park
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