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Solution Description


SageRAN focuses on factory workshops and logistics parks. Under the existing logistics mode, the informatization, digitization and intelligence of people, machines, materials, points, lines and fields in inventory, picking, processing, assembly and handling scenarios The desired wireless communication needs and solutions. Through the empowerment of new technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, and unmanned equipment, build a modern smart logistics park, use a 5G network to connect the business flow, information flow, and physical logistics of enterprises, and realize logistics based on manufacturing processes and processes The collaborative system improves the level of corporate collaborative operations, improves the overall operating efficiency of the park, and realizes the cost reduction and efficiency increase of the logistics industry.


Solution Advantages

5G Private Network

5G Private Network

High bandwidth, low latency and high reliabile 5G network
UPF Sink

UPF Sink

UPF in edge keep user data within the industry park
Deploy MEC

Deploy MEC

Local deployment of MEC, capabilities customized
Edge LAAS cloud platform

Edge LAAS cloud platform

On-demand virtualized computing and capacity to improve utilization.

Use Cases


Poor Converge

Feed cable cannot meet the coverage of 5G signal scene

Transform and improve the field strength of far-point weakness to ensure the coverage of signal.


Big Traffic

High daily average flow, high value not fully exploited

Increase the rate to more than 180% of the original rate to create greater flow revenue value.


Physical Partitions

Small room area, many partitions, high cost of building digital room

RAU+remote machine coverage is suitable for small scenes.


Subscriber Poor Experience

Poor service experience, single cable DAS speed only 200~400Mbps.

5G RAU speed measurement >360~800Mbps.


Bin robot
Bin robot
Disassemble  workstation
Disassemble workstation
Mixed palletizing   workstation
Mixed palletizing workstation
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