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Solution Description

Based on SageRAN 5G ability, with the deployment of ubiquitous sensing infrastructure such as the Internet of Vehicles and 5G networks as the foundation, and supported by core key technologies such as autonomous driving, C-V2X, edge computing, big data, and cloud control platforms, we aim to create an intelligent networked transportation system that integrates cloud, network, edge, and end, providing users with intelligent, safe, energy-saving, and efficient comprehensive services.

Solution Advantages

Integration of Multi-Source Data

Integration of Multi-Source Data

Integrate data such as digital retinal video, radar, signal lights, vehicles, robots, etc., to achieve global situational awareness.
Cloud-Network-Edge-End Integration

Cloud-Network-Edge-End Integration

Build an intelligent transportation system that integrates cloud, network, edge, and end, to support Mobility as a Service (MaaS) .
Roadside Edge Computing

Roadside Edge Computing

Deploy edge UPF+edge computing servers in roadside cabinet to process data locally and reduce data transmission latency.

Use Cases


Intelligent Traffic Management

Signal Optimization Violation Supervision Police Handling Danger Identification


Intelligent Public Transportation

Bus Priority Bus Dispatching Precise Services Dangerous Behavior Warning


Intelligent Highways Service

Assisted Driving Speed Guidance Key Vehicles Priority Safety Warning


Travel Services

Speed Guidance Parking Guidance Bus Information Traffic Light Reminder

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