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SageRAN participated in the demonstration of China Mobile and Qualcomm's Boundless XR technology

Time:2023.06.12 Author:SageRAN

On June 30, 2022, SageRAN, a leading company in 5G small cell, participated in the Boundless XR technology demonstration jointly held by China Mobile and Qualcomm. Based on 5G slicing technology, SageRAN's 5G indoor small cell (based on Qualcomm FSM100 5G RAN platform) and third-party Qualcomm platform mobile phones and VR terminals achieved interconnection. Under the edge-side collaborative separated rendering architecture, with the high-reliability and low-latency characteristics of 5G network, the seamless synchronization of cloud real-time rendering and XR terminal local optimized rendering was successfully achieved, bringing immersive interactive experience to XR users.

Figure 1: SageRAN 5G Indoor Small Cell(BBU+RRU)


The indoor small cell used in this Boundless XR technology demonstration adopts a BBU, RRU, and antenna integrated design, which is an innovative solution launched by SageRAN to meet the demand for high-quality indoor networks. This solution can achieve 5G deep coverage in indoor environments such as residential, commercial, and office spaces through home broadband for rapid and low-cost deployment. With the powerful processing capability of its self-developed protocol stack, SageRAN's 5G indoor small cell provides ultimate network connection services with large bandwidth, low latency, and high capacity while reducing power consumption. Through this Boundless XR technology demonstration, SageRAN realizes the characteristics of 5G technology, such as large bandwidth, low latency, and network slicing, which will fully empower emerging applications such as 5G+XR, further improve the XR ecosystem, and meet the demand for XR immersive experience.


SageRAN's 5G indoor small cell accesses the 5G core network through home broadband IP transmission such as PON, with fast site opening capability. Operators can quickly provide 5G signal coverage for indoor areas. It provides rich interfaces, making it easy for users to choose to connect to various terminals and can convert 5G networks into LAN interface networks for external output. It supports mainstream Sub-6GHz frequency bands, multiple subframe ratios, and a downlink peak of up to 780Mbps.

Figure 2: Networking


SageRAN's 5G small cell support up to 128 users, greatly improving user capacity. While deployed in homes, it also meets the multi-user simultaneous online requirements in the 2B field. The small base station has the characteristics of small size and easy deployment, which can be flexibly deployed in the periphery that macro base stations cannot reach, deeply covering population hotspots, and flexibly applied in smart homes, smart supermarkets, 5G buildings, intelligent office places, smart factories, and other scenarios, effectively solving indoor 5G signal blind spots and meeting various 5G terminal application requirements. Currently, SageRAN's home small base station has been pilot deployed by operators, and SageRAN is working with many industry partners to explore 5G application innovation, create a good 5G industry ecosystem of integration and mutual benefit, and advance together.

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