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SageRAN`s 5G Protocol Stack Platform Empowers Picocom PC802 Chip

Time:2023.06.12 Author:SageRAN

Recently, SageRAN's 5G protocol stack platform successfully enabled the integration with the domestically Picocom PC802 chip. SageRAN's 5G protocol stack platform supports L2 and L3, provides an interface based on the ORAN FAPI standard, and integrates with Picocom baseband chip L1 processing to achieve 5G commercial terminal access and establish an end-to-end data link. SageRAN's 5G protocol stack platform has already supported international mainstream chip platforms such as Qualcomm, Intel, and NXP, and with the support for the Picocom PC802 platform, it marks a continuous breakthrough in the breadth and depth of the SageRAN Network's support for integrated chip platforms.

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